Get free 144$ reward

Understanding how to use 1xBet bonus in India

No one should be surprised when knowing that 1xBet is one of the largest bookmakers all over the world. It offers one of the largest catalogues of sporting events where to place wagers, it has mobile applications that can work in almost any device currently in existence, it has an exciting and highly rewarding casino, and of course, it has the famous and desirable 1xBet bonus, which will be the main topic of this article.

These bonus 1xBet come in many forms. Some of them are aimed at new clients, while others have the goal of keeping current customers happy. One of such examples is the happy Friday bonus, which will be examined in detail along its corresponding 1xBet happy friday bonus rules. Regardless of the different rewards that they offer, they are among the best in the entire market.

Obtaining and employing the different 1xBet bonus

How to Use 1xBet Bonus

First of all, the welcome bonus for sports wagers for new clients will be explained. Like most of the aspects provided by 1xBet, it offers a very attractive reward for people in India who decide to sign up at this company. Right now it provides new customers with a 100% bonus on their first deposit, with a top amount of €100. Of course clients are required to make a first deposit in order to claim this benefit, as the rules which explain how to use 1xBet bonus indicate. However, it is still a very good reward as it effectively doubles what was added by the customer.

For example, if a person who just signed up at 1xBet decides to make a first deposit for the bonus equivalent to €75, the site will automatically provide extra €75, making the client to effectively have €150 for gambling in the sports area.

Get free 144$ reward

How can newcomers get this 1xBet deposit bonus?

This 1xBet bonus rules indicate that obtaining this benefit is extremely simple, even for those who have never been members of a bookmaker before. Of course, it is required to create an account in the first place. However, that is also an extremely easy process. Below the necessary steps that new clients must follow in order to claim this benefit, as stated in the terms and conditions of the bonus and of the general use of the services, will be detailed:

  1. Visit the 1xBet website or its mobile applications
  2. Sign up to create a new account
  3. Ensure to read and understand the terms and conditions. This applies both to the general terms of use, and the bonus rules, which will be explained in more detail in the following section.
  4. Tick the checkbox stating that it is desired to obtain this €100 first deposit bonus
  5. Make a first deposit for at least €1

Once these steps have been completed, clients will immediately notice that their account has double the amount that they initially deposited. As stated before, this bonus can be used only in the sports betting area. This is clearly explained in the how to use 1xBet bonus section of the website. If you are a casino fan, don’t worry, because later in this article another welcome bonus, this time for that particular section, will be explained. Also, you will be interested in learning about other promos, bonuses and games too.

As always, all bonuses have their terms and conditions, regardless of what benefits it provides, the 1xBet happy friday bonus rules is another good example that will be examined later. The following section will explain the most important points concerning this aspect. It is highly recommended for anyone wishing to obtain this particular bonus 1xBet to continue reading.

Explaining some of the 1xBet bonus rules

1xBet Bonus Rules

In the case of the aforementioned 1xBet deposit bonus, there are a few key points that must be understood by all customers. At first, only people of legal age are allowed to use any of the services offered by 1xBet.

Another very important rule of this bonus 1xBet for new clients indicates that the awarded amount must be used within 30 days after customers have created their new accounts. After that, the benefit will be voided.

There are a few rules that dictate how to use this particular 1xBet deposit bonus. Specifically, clients are required to use this amount in wagers with odds of 1.40 or higher. At the same time, they must place at least 5 accumulator bets, with each one of those being composed by three individual bets. No individual wager must have odds lower than 1.40. All these plays must be done within 30 days after the creation of the account in order to comp line with the previous bonus rule. More details are available in the first deposit bonus conditions section of the website.

This bookmaker does not limit the maximum amount that can be won when using this bonus. This is another reason to sign up and take advantage of this 1xBet bonus, as maybe you can be the next lucky winner.

A very important point also stated within this bonus rules are the payment methods that can be employed for making the first or any later deposit in an account. A great aspect about this company is that it offers its customers a huge variety of forms that can be used for both depositing and withdrawing cash.

Cryptocurrencies are the novelty here. People who use them will be delighted to know that it is possible to obtain this 1xBet deposit bonus by making a deposit with this type of money. Right now the site accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Other cryptocurrencies are expected to join the website soon.

These 1xBet bonus rules also state that clients are required to provide a proof of identity before being allowed to withdraw any bonus provided winnings (or any other winnings in general), this is necessary in order to avoid any type of fraudulent activity.

Examining the 1xBet bonus account for casino fans

1xBet bonus account for casino fans

Most of the companies in the market focus too much in their sports betting area. While it is true that a great majority of customers use this section, some casino lovers can feel a bit forgotten. Well, in this company everything is different. There is a fantastic bonus 1xBet aimed especially at those who decide to sign up to take advantage of the amazing online casino that the bookmaker offers.

In order to understand how this bonus works, it is important to mention that it works slightly differently than the sports sign up offer. However, if the process for obtaining it is properly executed, clients can get a bonus account equivalent to €1500, plus dozens of free spins. It is most likely that no other company offers a benefit of this size. Below the process for claiming this benefit will be explained.

When understanding how to use 1xBet bonus, it is possible to see that users must make four deposits. After each of those deposits, a different bonus amount will be added to the customer’s balance. The details are as follows:

  1. After making the first deposit, the player will be rewarded with 100% of the added amount up to €300
  2. The second deposit gives 50% up to €350
  3. The third deposit gives 25% up to €400
  4. The fourth deposit gives 25% up to €400

When doing all the math it is easy to see that this bonus account can effectively give €1500 to the balance if the maximum amounts are deposited on each time. But that’s not all, because those four transactions also give free spins. Specifically, they give 30, 35, 40 and 45 free spins respectively.

The rules that explain to account owners how to use this bonus, state that the first deposit must be of an amount no smaller than €10, while the others must be of €15 or higher. In any case, after reviewing all this information it is not difficult to notice why so many people who enjoy online casinos have chosen to get a 1xBet bonus account. Continue reading if you want to learn about the Friday bonus!

Explaining the 1xBet happy Friday bonus rules and other promotions

1xBet happy Friday bonus rules

But there is even more! Recently the company introduced a new instance called the Lucky Friday bonus, which is also known as the happy Friday. It is another type of 1xBet deposit bonus where every Friday, until 7 pm local time, clients can obtain a reward up to €100. For getting it, it is simply necessary to deposit at least €1. After that, according to the Friday bonus rules, the website will automatically give the user an extra amount equivalent to what was added, in a similar way to how the welcome bonus works.

This means that it is not necessary to insert any kind of bonus code. The 1xBet happy friday bonus rules state that it is necessary to wager at least three times the bonus amount within 24 hours after it has been obtained. From time to time there is a similar monday bonus. This is another reason why customers are encouraged to visit 1xBet every day.

The jackpot bonus is another reward that is highly desired by all customers of the company. This 1xBet bonus offers daily challenges to the people who visit the casino section. Those who are able to successfully complete it can be rewarded with some interesting winnings. Every day new opportunities appear, therefore it is essential to become familiar with the conditions of these daily bonuses.

Clients will also be rewarded during their special days, as there is a special birthday bonus which any player can receive, no matter for how long they have been members of the company. This 1xBet bonus is something that not many companies give, so, once again, this is another great reason to give this bookmaker a try.

In conclusion, the reasons for having a 1xBet bonus account are many. Those benefits appeal to all types of users. No matter how experienced clients are, they will be constantly surprised with more opportunities and more chances of winning. As was seen in this article, having an account grants access to games, bonuses, promotions, and much more. This is one of the reasons why during recent years 1xBet has been one of the undisputed leaders of this very competitive market.Get free 144$ reward

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